Akashic Records Soul Dialogues Book

“Akashic Records Soul Dialogues:
Creating Heaven on Earth Now”

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Akashic Records Soul Dialogues - Creating Heaven On Earth Now by Kelly S JonesOverview…

We invite you to join the enriching conversations between the Realm of Spirit and the Realm of Man as they merge in the Akashic field of Light and Love to know the deeper truths of your life experiences.

303 Page Book –
116 Akashic Record Soul Dialogues and

8 Akashic Meditations with
Artwork by Adija Wolf


From the foreword…

“When we experience the willingness by the ascended realms to give us answers, to show us more harmonious pathways as we walk this earth plane, joy, solutions, peace, trust and comfort fill our hearts and minds. These writings and Kelly’s sensitive presence to these messages bring all of that and more.  Consider this book an infinite offering to a metaphysical understanding and guidebook of human existence at this momentous time on the planet Earth.”

Lauralyn Bunn, Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant


“Dear Kelly & Doug,

Gradually…and purposefully slowly…the journey through your book is now complete.
A beautiful journey.  I found myself mindful….re-mindful…re-re-mindful so often.  This was and is hugely helpful.

Thanks for all the time, energy, information, light and love that you shared in all these pages.  It truly is appreciated.”

May all be well.
In Peace,