During a recent consultation, my client exclaimed,

“I wish I could pick up my home and shake it so all the stuff I don’t want would just fall out!”

I loved that!

In fact, I recommended she do just that…imagine if she were able to do this heroic act, what would dislodge from her life and be released forever!

And she was right. The cohesiveness of the space was lacking and trying to find purpose, flow and a sense of continuity. Admittedly, the family moved in and things simply “landed” where they landed, only to remain as originally set. (Can anyone out there relate?) Only problem, it left her feeling unsettled.

When we feel displaced in our own home, it’s hard to gain traction and gather momentum in any or all areas of our lives – career, relationships, finances, creativity and self-awareness. The more sensitive you are to your space, the more impactful this reality gets.

Perhaps for you the flip side of this is your experience: life feels mundane, stagnant and lifeless. For this you may also want to stir things up…shall I say, “Shake it up!”

In both cases, I encourage moving the energy. Make a personal agreement with yourself and your family that if you don’t absolutely LOVE something, you pass it along to someone who can. Give yourself permission to create space in your life by letting go of objects that pull on your life force, drain you, and opt for either the emptiness that gives you “room to breathe” or the void where new creative ideas can flourish and revitalize you and your space.

Have a conversation with your objects!

Do reminiscing and soul searching and ask:

  • When did I acquire you?
  • How did I get you?
  • For what purpose did I get you?
  • Who do you remind me of?
  • (If a gift) Who did I receive you from?
  • How do you add to my life now or drain me in some way?
  • What do you remind me of?
  • Is there someone I know that you would serve better than me at this time?

This can be quite intimate. Our belongings influence us and we them. What you are diving into and exploring is the frequency that an object possesses. You are slowing down enough to take inventory of the vibration your objects are emitting into your space and onto you. How are they subconsciously influencing your behaviors, your patterns, your beliefs, your choices? Be honest with yourself.  Deeply honest and bring this awareness into your conscious state.  No one else’s opinion matters. Give yourself time and space to assess your space in time.

Here are some guidelines to support placement throughout your home:

  • Living Room – objects that support your soul’s passion and purpose; your playfulness
  • Kitchen – objects that nurture and vitalize your body
  • Bedroom – objects that are sacred, reverent, intimate and relational
  • Office – objects that speak to the feeling you wish to experience as you share you gifts
  • Den – objects that enhance your life through body, mind and spirit

So remember, if you don’t love it and it doesn’t love you, it’s clearly time to release to one who can and will. Perhaps you have an exchange with friends and family. It can be great fun to gather in this way. Re-gifting is another means to move this chi.

So, shake it up!


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