Reflections exist all around you. You may see your child in your spouse’s eyes, frustration in a pile of unpaid bills, the sun off the ocean’s waves, a passerby on a glass pane and your self in a mirror.

Mentally you may confine your idea of mirroring to a piece of glass that sends back in light waves your physical form, but I invite you to expand this mental concept to see deeper and truer.

In this willingness and softening, much more can be known and experienced and in that give you freedom to witness the truth of your environment and what it reflects back to you about you.

Practically speaking, mirrors attract waves of light and then bounce waves of light back to your physical eyes where you perceive shape and color. These wave-like movements give mirrors’ their water-like essence or water element nature.

Never does a mirror not reflect; it is the spirit of its composition. In and of itself, it is neutral; it does not judge what it attracts or what it reflects … you are the one who assigns qualities and traits emanating from these mirrors. With this understanding, it’s important to take responsibility and ensure all reflections in your surroundings emit beauty, balance and harmony, as you define it.

Walk through your living space and identify every surface that reflects mirrors, glass or glazed surfaces, windows, picture frames, etc. Adjust your eyesight to determine what exactly is being reflected. Are you surprised?

One client had a glass-framed picture in the bedroom that reflected an entire apartment building outside his window! He had about 100 tenants sleeping in the bedroom with him each night. What about you?

Consider stepping into your bathroom and looking in the mirror you stare at each morning and night. When you see yourself in the mirror, what is the reflection you have coming back?

Are these thoughts and feelings loving…uplifting…inspiring…harmonizing…supportive? Look closer and realize if it’s anything less than these kind energy exchanges, then you’re not looking deep enough. I invite you to do all that you can to transform the mirror in a fun and dynamic way to ‘speak to you’ all these soulful truths. Perhaps this looks like writing messages on the mirror or repeating a positive mantra to yourself as you look deeply in your own eyes in the mirror.

Be bold.

Be brave.

Be daring.

Why not shoot for the moon? You can always close the door and no one will know.

Everything in your living environ is a reflection of some part within you. Look at these reflections with love in your heart and gently decide what you choose to change and how, and then do so, always towards more joy.