Remember when children were to be seen and not heard? As we’ve grown, we realize children not only have a voice but need to be listened to deeply as their wellbeing equates to their future and ours. In fact, children are more in touch with their feelings and also more sensitive to their environment. As a study of how living spaces affect ones life, we can be certain a child’s behavior and responses are greatly influenced by their surroundings. The goal of this ancient Chinese art is to create harmony and balance throughout our environment in order to support health, wealth and happiness.

A child’s “home” is their bedroom; it is their most important space. As their domicile, it reflects them, who they are, what they want to be – their aspirations, hopes, wishes and dreams. It is and should be the expression of them. It’s the place where they play independently or entertain friends, sleep, and study and sometimes snack. The overall Feng Shui significance is great because it affects all aspects of their lives.

There are some simple yet important guidelines to enhance your child’s wellbeing. This means overall health – protection from illness and accidents, performance in school, harmonious interaction with family and friends, and his or her personal happiness and excitement about life. It is very important their bedroom support their physical growth, mental stimulation and emotional wellbeing.

Inside the Room ~ The Yin/Yang Condition

Striking a balance of colors, stimuli and furnishings in their room to support the delicate processes transpiring inside their mind, body and spirit is a must. Parents must remember this space belongs to the child. Having their input and wishes met as much as possible will obviously support the harmonious balance all are looking for.

Room colors that are conducive to sleeping are a must. Do not pick colors that are too bright, thus over stimulating. In the same way, picking colors that are too dark can be depressing and draining on their energy levels.

Everything has its place & space requirements. A room should not be too “full” or have the feeling of “emptiness” or “vastness”. Leave just enough open space to play and store unused items. Most children like to feel “cocooned”. Thus, having a room that is too large and spacious may lead to insecure feelings representing few boundaries. A room that is too small or cluttered with too many stimuli may cause the child difficulty in thinking clearly or sleeping.

Televisions, computers and telephones (depending on the age of your child) may be cause for concern. Each is a stimulant that is energetically on 24-7, inviting children to interact with them at any time. Without proper rules, these can get “out of hand”.  Remember it is a balance of energies we’re looking for in Feng Shui. As these cause more isolation away from family and friends, serious consideration must be given prior to allowing them into a child’s room. Just think about the valuable time and energy exchange you could be having with your child if these 3 electronics were placed in “common” areas of the home that all used together! Remember, finding ways to “be with” our children helps create the healthy and happy home for them (and you).

Outside the Room ~ Shar Chi Considerations

The exterior conditions impacting a child’s room are just as important as the interior ones!  Take a moment and inventory the shar chi or negative energies affecting their bedrooms. As living conditions vary, here are some insightful ways to define and remedy unfavorable conditions.

Apartment Living

Know what “room” your child is sleeping under (based on the apartment upstairs). Avoid sleeping under a bathroom or kitchen. Be sure he or she is not directly under the toilet or the stove.

Noise control is very important! If the room of the neighboring apartment is someone’s living room the noise can be quite disturbing to successful studies or a good night’s sleep. Cover the wall with a heavy cloth or put a white noise machine in to drown out the intrusive sounds.


Sleeping above the garage is not considered conducive to health because of the fumes from the exhaust. Also the energy below is active, creating a very yang “foundation” causing difficulty sleeping.

Pay attention to roads and the rushing energy they bring to a bedroom window. If a road runs directly to a child’s window soften the energy with shrubbery outside and move the child’s bed from being in direct line with the road – especially his or her head!

Don’t forget the gardening hose water faucet outside. Do not position a child’s bed on this wall so that the head is aligned with the spout. This can cause health problems and difficulty concentrating.

Apartment or House Living

What’s outside the window? If an electric pole is glaring in the window, close the curtains and place a small ceramic rooster (not hen) with it’s beak facing the shar chi (bad energy). If however your Chinese zodiac sign is a Rabbit use a mirror to deflect this energy instead.

Be careful with mirrors…a child should not be able to “see” themselves from bed. Either move the mirror or cover it while sleeping. Also pay attention to what images it is bringing into the room, unpleasant objects should not be “invited” into the room with mirrors.

These represent just a handful of recommendations to create a supportive environment to your child’s health and happiness. Remember, the ancient Chinese sages viewed nature and our surroundings from the following point of view… “How can we live harmoniously with our environment and reap its benefits so we may prosper in all ways?”