Ever been inconvenienced by life?

Ever thought, “I didn’t sign up for this?”

Ever said, “Not me, not now, not this!”

Can you honestly say you ever stopped life from showing up in unexpected ways?   I think not.

I’d like to introduce you to a new way of responding when life delivers the unsuspecting curveball!  It’s actually VERY simple yet powerful and truly holds the potential to diffuse any charge you may be experiencing when what life presents is raw, indigestible and unwanted.  Your new response…

“And then there’s that!”

What this can do is offer you a release value to any expectation that what is should be different.  Often times fear is so big, we manifest it unknowingly…yet, in that manifestation is the power ‘to’ release or ‘of’ release…since it’s now already occurred, therefore the fear of it occurring is relieved, rendering a new potential in your field of possibilities…and because ‘that’ has now occurred, you need not repeat or duplicate it’s expression.

It can be funny!  It can be a relief!  It can redirect your focus!  It can shift you immediately!

Experience – Response

Spill coffee on your new outfit. ~ “And then there’s that!”

Neighbor floods their toilet on the floor above you. ~ “And then there’s that!”

Someone yells at you for something you didn’t do. ~ “And then there’s that!”

You failed a test you feared you’d fail. ~ “And then there’s that!”

You missed a flight. ~ “And then there’s that!”

The job promotion is given to another. ~ “And then there’s that!”

You get the idea?  Release the pressure … release the riddle of life back into its wave…let go of the outcomes of your expectations … learn to ‘roll’ with life and give yourself permission to reside outside the thought that, “Life’s gotta look ‘some way’ for me to be happy, relaxed, in joy, in the flow, etc.”

Be ready to enjoy a new level of freedom!