George Noory - Beyond Belief GAIAM TV Show - Akashic Records and Feng Shui Episodes with Kelly S. JOnes

Kelly S. Jones joins host George Noory in two episodes on 'Beyond Belief' ~ Opening Your Akashic Records and Inner and Outer Feng Shui.  Enjoy these trailers and then go to GAIAM TV to see each complete episode.


Kelly S. Jones discusses Opening Your Akashic Records with George Noory on Beyond Belief!

Kelly S. Jones talks about how to align Inner and Outer Fend Shui with George Noory on Beyond Belief!


Akashville:  "I Remember Union" with the Ancient Presence of the Magdalene

Kelly S. Jones and special guest Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of the profound love story of Christ, Mary Magdalene and Judas, and their legacy of peace and truth for our time.  In this dynamic evening, they dialogue with Mary and the Akashic Masters unveiling the high wisdom within each one of us to assist in our creation of Heaven on Earth now.

Enjoy a couple minute clip of the gathering below. 

To purchase this Akashville Audio Recording (1hr 52m) please click here:

Akashville™ - Flo and Kelly 6-17-14 - Audio (1hr 52m)


Akashville:  Aligning With The Design of the Divine

When the Design of the Divine is allowed to flow through you, as you, the magic of each moment radiates from you.  When the mind matters matter not, when the Heart's beating signs louder, when you become present with your Presence...the Mystery Unfolds!

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Akashville: Aligning with The Design of the Divine from Kelly S. Jones on Vimeo.


Akashville:  Finding Up In Your Stream of Consciousness

Feeling underwater?  As our journey continues to unfold, many feel it's harder to get to where they want to go using the compass of the past.  What have you been experiencing, what does it mean and how might you respond differently?  Please join us as we explore the best ways to right the canoe of you.

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