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Soul Prosperity – Know Thyself

soul prosperityThis is your birthright and your guaranteed life experience when you live in divine alignment with your Sacred Self.

By creating an intimate, loving relationship with your Soul you awaken this inner wisdom and make tangible and real the experience of prosperity in all areas of your life.  Empower yourself to anchor Heaven on Earth now in your human experience.

The Soul Prosperity Process is the invitation and initiation into inspired living.

Inspiration – ‘to breathe life into’ – is what the heart-mind effortlessly offers when we choose to engage, activate and allow this Sacred-Self to crystallize through our being.  In so doing, the unlimited potential of Soul moves through our human expression so we may birth a new reality.

In order to access our inner wisdom, our Soul’s Voice and true prosperity, we are asked to look at and explore all our relationships:

  • To our thoughts
  • To our emotions
  • To our body
  • To our Soul
  • To our significant other
  • To our family, friends and society
  • To our beliefs and experiences

When we do, we are encouraged to unearth and transmute un-truths and replace them with love, wisdom and empowerment through the practice of self-discovery, forgiveness and alignment.  It is a brave-heart that reaps the benefits when we answer the call to be courageous and strong and to have faith in the process unfolding within.

For us to live a divinely directed life, ‘in the flow’, requires us to align and harmonize our energy bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  This achievement allows our Soul to take residence in our human experience and to direct us to our higher ‘knowing’, offering life experiences that more and more consistently find us being in ‘the right place at the right time’.  As we attune our bodies and uplevel the frequency of our vibration to higher and higher octaves, we can then directly affect our lives and life experiences.

So the question becomes,
“How close do I want to be in relationship with my Self?”

Please contemplate this profound question

If you absolutely want to be in the most loving and intimate relationship you can possibly have with your Inner Essence, your God-Self…then the Soul Prosperity Process awaits your commitment.

Two Ways To Participate

12-Week Transformational Process
One-on-One Exploration Sessions

Journey into Soul alignment in variety of heart-opening processes to create your highest destiny and your best life ever. Know your wisdom, feel your love and live your truth.


Boca Raton, FL

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You Are Ready If

  • You desire creating the most fulfilling, intimate, rewarding and satisfying relationship you can have with yourself.
  • You are ready to come to know and directly experience you True Self.
  • You wish to experience sovereignty, heart-centered living and the gifts of freedom, abundance, connection and vitality.
  • You recognize the best investment you will ever make is in your Self.

Please type/sign YOUR LEGAL NAME in my Contact Form as indication of your written permission for this session.

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Kelly S Jones

Create Your Best Life Ever

20-Minute Exploratory Call

Feel true love – Know true wisdom – Live true power!

One-on-One Client Benefits

  • A sacred space to safely explore, release, transform and flourish.
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Laser-focus on one area of your life to transform – relationship to self, career, health or relationship to other(s). Giving undivided attention ensures the greatest results and success and in that realizing you ARE shifting in all areas of your life because you’re changing your internal relationship!
  • Connect to the voice of your Soul and the wisdom within.
  • Identify and clear self-imposed limitations, beliefs and programs that block you.
  • Identify fear-based decisions and learn to make new love-based choices.
  • Identify, access and strengthen inner qualities and traits that serve you.
  • Create new circuitry between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as financial, relational and sexual.
  • Establish a new rhythm of the inner sacred marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine within.
  • Dedicated time JUST for YOU!
  • Laser-beam focused connection 40-minutes/week for 12-consecutive weeks.
  • Each session digitally recorded and sent as MP3 download.
  • Receive the support you’ve been looking for.
  • Launch your deepest desires into reality.
  • Receive specific guidance to transform unseen forces within that stop your manifesting.
  • Gain access your true power and make ‘real’ your dreams and desires.
  • Let your Soul, the Beings of Light and Kelly walk side-by-side with you during this momentous time in your life.

What Clients Say

“Life Changing” is how I describe my weekly sessions with Kelly. The 12-week Soul Prosperity Process that Kelly has created was exactly what I needed! It not only helped me heal from a life changing illness, but once physically healthy, this Process created deep spiritual and mental health within me. Kelly, her guides, along with me, my higher self and my guides cleared away the anxiety, doubts and fear surrounding my past and future, and together as a team, we created the path to the life I am now living. And in this life, I’m thriving! I wouldn’t have had or developed my inner goddess, full of confidence! And I owe this tremendous shift in me and in my life to KELLY S. JONES!
Susan J., Greenville, SC

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Host Kelly

Kelly S JonesKelly conducts Soul Prosperity Sessions for families, couples, friends or wherever you desire a profound energetic shift in relations, communication and harmony including a community or workplace.

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Akashic Records Soul Dialogues by Kelly S Jones“Akashic Records Soul Dialogues:
Creating Heaven on Earth Now”

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