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Co-creating an atmosphere of community, all gatherings foster and nourish self-reflection, honesty and openness so you may come to know your own truth, your own heart, your own experience…the wisdom within you. Through empowering interactions and direct connection to the Beings of Light, Kelly joyfully shares her passion of directing you to know and act from your Sacred-Self.

You are your healer…Kelly is your facilitator.

Soul Prosperity

soul journey workshopsSoul Prosperity Workshops are …

Akashic Records

akashic records workshopsAkashic Records Workshops are …

Sacred Site Journeys

sacred site workshopsSacred Site Journeys are …

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Learn to Access Your Life Records in a 2-Day Experiential Workshop

A powerful step toward personal empowerment and freedom. At the heart of this workshop you will:

  • Experience and attune to the Akashic Records using a sacred prayer.
  • Access guidance from your Akashic Masters and Teachers.
  • Mine the records through the art of questions and translation of information received.
  • Uncover your past, present and potential future.
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Dialogue with your Soul and the Akashic Masters and Guides to explore the deeper truths embedded in your life experiences. Step into this field of love and truth to receive Their higher guidance.


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Journey with your Soul in a variety of heart-opening practices to align with your highest destiny and create your best life ever. Know your wisdom, feel your love and live your truth.


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Kelly S Jones

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What Clients Say

Our Akashic event was so well received. It was amazing how accurate the information coming thru was. The Masters really speak well thru Kelly – she is so eloquent in transmitting the guidance from above. All the participants wanted more time with her and we are planning another event!
Felicia R., Long Beach, CA
Kelly is a well-rounded, knowledgeable speaker who kept the class involved and interested at all times. It was a pleasure for me to have attended & taking from that night such great information. Thanks again.
Sheena E., Miami, FL
Your easy, down to earth, informative, approach had us listening intently and helped so many of us deepen our understanding of the Akashic Records. Whether we will practice the connection to the Akashic Records for ourselves or utilize your gifts as our go-between, thanks for being a wonderful resource on our spiritual journey.
Suzette Faith Foster, Cary, NC

Host Kelly

Kelly S JonesKelly conducts Christ Light Activations for families, couples, friends or wherever you desire a profound energetic shift in relations, communication and harmony including a community or workplace.

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Akashic Records Soul Dialogues by Kelly S Jones“Akashic Records Soul Dialogues:
Creating Heaven on Earth Now”

A Down to Earth Enlightenment Handbook

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