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Soul Prosperity Gatherings – Online

“The Emotion of Fear”

Energy in motion serves our Soul to have experiences. Let’s explore how the energy of fear serves you and what you can do to turn it from being debilitating to empowering.

NURTURE YOUR SOUL and join me for a VIRTUAL evening where we will travel through Soul Prosperity Process and claim, commit and command YOUR life transforming intentions for 2017 and create Your Highest Destiny.

I look forward to seeing YOU and sharing the gift of this process with you.

Once you complete the order process, your receipt will have instructions for  you to join us via ZOOM!

Personal Investment:  $22/pp  (Non-refundable)

Thirsting for Soul?

We invite you to join us on a journey to create the most intimate loving relationship with your Sacred-Self.

This Heart-centered process opens the inner doorway so your Soul may take up residence in your human experience and direct your life consciously.  From here you create a life attuned to your Highest Destiny.

Soul Prosperity opens the windows of Heaven by:

•   Knowing deeper levels of Your Multi-dimensional Self
•   Living from the Sovereignty of Your Being
•   Walking the Path of Self-Mastery
•   Trusting Your Intuitive Guidance
•   Decoding the Truth of Your Experiences

What to Expect:

Each gathering is a guided self-exploration on a focused topic giving you a direct experience to know yourself, strengthen your internal guidance system and live a Self-directed life.

At the deepest level, we will interface with the Voice of your Soul, the Akashic Masters and Teachers, the Christ Light Counsel and the Angels of the Light.  From here we will access the quantum field of Heart to transform old beliefs, dissolve worn-out limitations and identify and activate new love-based perspectives.  We will use the Soul Prosperity Process “The Path of Knowing” to ignite and align with the love, wisdom and power that you are.


As your facilitator, I work with your Akashic Guides, the Christ Consciousness and our Higher-Self Presence.

This is YOUR Awakening!  You are your own Healer!  I am your Facilitator.

Together we can come to know more freedom, creativity and divine alignment.

I so look forward to sharing this journey with each and every one of you!

Many blessings,

Kelly S. Jones