Kelly S. Jones talks about how to align Inner and Outer Feng Shui with George Noory on Beyond Belief.


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"Akashic Records Soul Dialogues: Creating Heaven on Earth Now"

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 Law of Attraction Magazine endorses Akashic Records Soul Dialogues by Kelly S. Jones

YOU are INVITED to join the 116 conversations between the Realm of Spirit and the Realm of Man as they merge in the Akashic field of Light and Love to better understand the deeper truths of your life experiences.  Also included are 8 Akashic meditations with inspirational artwork by Adija Wolf!  Discover more in this video:

Akashic Records Soul Dialogues - Creating Heaven on Earth Now from Kelly S. Jones on Vimeo.

 "Looking for Soul direction? You've found it! Kelly and Doug's Akashic book provides answers from the Soul's point of view. I loved it and couldn't put it down! The channeled conversation is bathed in love and compassion with a perfect sprinkle of humor in just the right places. You'll breathe a big sigh of relief as you relax into the deep wisdom and understanding to some of the most direct and puzzling questions concerning life in a human body."

~ Jean Slatter, Author "Hiring the Heavens"


Akashic Records Soul Readings


Awaken to the Love and Truth of your Akashic Records & Soul with consultant and teacher Kelly S. Jones. Experience the unconditional love and insight the Masters and Teachers of the Records have for you and allow your misconceptions to melt away as you receive a direct download of wisdom from You to you and discover the truth of your authentic self on all levels. Navigate the terrain of past lives, subconscious memories and current life circumstances to transform doubt into knowing and confusion into clarity.

"WOW!  Is how I would describe my reading with Kelly Jones.  I have gotten my share of readings in my life, but this tops them all.  At the end of my reading, I asked Kelly who she was channeling.  She said it was my higher self!  I believe this, as all my questions were answered, without me saying a word!  Kelly told me what I needed to hear, in a way that made sense to me."  Sandy E., Asheville, NC


Akashic-Reiki Energy Session

 Powerful Christ-Light Transmissions STAR-8-Point-Lgt-Yel-W2

An Akashic-Reiki Energy Session escorts you into a 'place of peace' where the high frequency of love surrounds and assists you in your healing process of releasing which you desire to transform. You are your healer, we are space-holders of wholeness...and in that space, you may surrender from your field of consciousness all that no longer serves you.  In this "Human-Divining" process, the brilliance of you shines through.


Akashic Soul-Body Integration Session

 Calling 'In' your Soul...A Divine Homecoming Event! Soul Body Activation with Kelly S. Jones

An Akashic Soul-Body Session is your personal invitation to your Self to open and swing wide the gates of the field of your vision and imagination. It is your "handshake with Heaven" for you, by You and through you. 



Akashic Wedding Ceremony Kelly S. Jones Officiant Asheville North Carolina

 A Golden Heart Celebration!

Deep within everyone lies the traces of a memory of a truer way of life, a time of purity, joy and harmony.  Many know of it as Lemuria, a golden place, because at its core they celebrated the Golden Heart.  A Lemurian Wedding is aligned with this reality.  With the channeled guidance of your Akashic Masters, who were present then as they are now, we can open the door of Time to allow these sleeping memories to once again be activated in our hearts.



compass Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui expert, Kelly S. Jones, simply and successfully facilitates the healing and transformation of your home or business to improve, accelerate or alter your life experiences at the core.  Receive masterful guidance today that aligns Earth's energies with the form, function and flow of your intentions.

"Kelly, I am so grateful to you for the Feng Shui guidance you have provided.  Since you came into our lives, everything has improved exponentially."  Don G., Pembroke Pines, FL


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